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Floida Passes Legislation Cracking Down On #1 Scam: Timeshare Resale Fraud
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Written by Nate Roberts   

Timeshare resale fraud is the #1 complaint according to the Florida Attorney Generals office. The state of Florida's House of Representatives voted unanimously to passed a bill that cracks down on timeshare resale fraud. What is timeshare resale fraud? It's when a timeshare resale marketing or advertising company charges an upfront fee to list your timeshare for sale. Some of these companies actually tell timeshare owners they have a buyer waiting, but the seller must deposit funds in escrow to initiate the transaction. Watch the video from Tampa Bay, Florida WFLA News Channel 8 to hear a story from Elaine McLaughlin about her experience with International Timeshare Network:


So what should you do if you want to sell your timeshare? We understand that sometimes things change and you just don't need your timeshare anymore.

  1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pay an upfront fee to list your timeshare for sale.
  2. Try and sell your timeshare on your own. Be sure to tell all your friends and family you are selling your timeshare.
  3. If you need professional help, contact a Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker. Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers do not charge upfront fees to list your timeshare for sale. They only get paid a commission when they actually sell your timeshare.
  4. List your timeshare for sale with no upfront fee with the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers at Smartshare.com

If you have been the victim of a timeshare scam, you should report it to your attorney general, the attorney general of the state your timeshare is located and contact the Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association at www.LTRBA.com

Do you have suggestions or questions about how to sell your timeshare?
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